Over the past few years, the concept of distance learning is fast gaining popularity. Distance learning courses are very useful to students or working professionals who are unable to complete full-time courses to attain a degree or post-graduation.

In distance education, the learning instructions are offered online over the internet, either in the form of online classes or sharing study material online. 

Most people are apprehensive of completing their higher education through distance learning as they are not aware of the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

Distance education may not be the ideal choice for every student having educational aspirations, but learning about the pros of online education can help determine if it is the right choice for you. 

Advantages of Distance Learning

  • Flexibility

Distance learning courses can be completed from any location over an internet connection.  Many working professionals are unable to pursue higher education as they cannot leave their job.

They can complete their desired courses online by enrolling in distance learning courses. Distance learning offers flexibility to students to study at their convenience without affecting their schedule.

 Learning material is provided to the students and they can enrol for classes over the weekend or at night as per their convenience. 

  • Save on travel time and money

Distance learning classes are conducted online, students are not required to travel to their college or campus to attend classes. This helps in saving a lot of time and money spent travelling to attend the classes.

With distance learning, students can complete their assignments and learn right from the comfort of their home. Many universities offer distance learning courses through online video conferencing

  • Cost savings

The fees of online courses are comparatively much lower than enrolling for full-time courses in a college or university. Moreover, one of the key benefits of distance education is that one can save on the cost of travelling to study.

The cost of staying in a hostel or rented apartment while enrolling at a college which is not in the city or some other country. Distance learning is economically viable for both students and parents, one can study from the comfort of the home without having to worry about additional expenses.

  • Learning convenience

Most people find it difficult to go back to a regular class and complete their studies after starting to work. They are not comfortable studying amongst young children or asking questions about concepts they don’t understand.

There are many shy students who are not comfortable studying in huge groups as they get embarrassed asking their doubts and interacting. With distance learning, any student who is disciplined and self-motivated can learn and complete a course at their own pace.

Distance education uses a combination of online video conferencing classes and online learning materials. Students or learners with different aptitudes and capabilities can understand the course in more detail.

  • Promotion and recognition at work

Over the years most employers have started recognizing and accepting distance education degrees and courses while determining promotions and raises. If a distance learning program is accredited and approved by the Distance Education Council (DEC) in India.

It can be considered for applying to posts and services under the Central Government. Several private-sector employers are also recognizing distance learning courses and encouraging their employees to pursue higher education alongside their job. This allows in developing skills and expertise in their employees.  

Final Words:

Distance learning may not be beneficial for some students and it has its share of disadvantages, however, distance learning is the ideal solution for students wishing to enjoy better convenience and flexibility while pursuing their studies. The key benefits of distance education are that students can access a range of learning tools without investing or spending a lot. 

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