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    Program Structure

    First Semester
    • BLIS101
    • Library, Information and Society
    • 4 Credits
    • BLIS102
    • Information Sources and Services
    • 4 Credits
    • BLIS103
    • Organising and Managing Information
    • 4 Credits
    • BLIS104
    • ICT Fundamentals
    • 4 Credits
    • BLIS105
    • Communication Skills
    • 4 Credits


    Second Semester
    • BLIS201
    • Management of Library and Information Centre
    • 4 Credits
    • BLIS202
    • Document Processing Practice
    • 4 Credits
    • BLIS203
    • Information Products and Services
    • 4 Credits
    • BLIS204
    • ICT In Libraries
    • 4 Credits


    Program Overview

    Bachelor of Library & Information Science or B.LIS. or B.Lib. in Distance Education / Correspondence is a One Year degree on the basis of graduation awarded to students who excel in Library Science. Library Science is an act of managing, maintaining and preserving information using sources of information technology and education.

    The objective of B.Lib. in Distance Education course is to meet the demand of the growing needs of experts in the fields of library management and administration, book and journal procurement. Hence, this course deals with an act of unlimited opportunities as there will always be a need of preserving and maintaining vital information all across the globe irrespective of sector or volume. People who have worked in libraries before and want to move up their position in the respective field and those who enjoy books and slower paced jobs are the ones who should study this course. A candidate should have strong organizational skills. Also, people with strong reference skills and a good memory are fit for the course.

    Once B.Lib. in Distance Education course is completed, candidates can opt for post-graduation in this stream i.e. Masters in Library and Information Science. Not only this, a number of job opportunities are also available for librarian course graduates.