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    Program Structure

    First Semester
    • BBA101
    • Principals of Management
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA102
    • Marketing Management
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA103
    • Introduction Computers
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA104
    • Managerial Economics
    • 4 Credits


    Second Semester
    • BBA201
    • Organizational Behaviour
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA202
    • Business Communication
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA203
    • Business Law
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA204
    • Production and Operations Management
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA205
    • Financial Accounting
    • 4 Credits


    Third Semester
    • BBA301
    • Mathematics for Business Economics
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA302
    • Logistics Management
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA303
    • Human Resource Management
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA304
    • Introduction to Internet
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA305
    • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    • 4 Credits


    Fourth Semester
    • BBA401
    • Advertising Fundamental
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA402
    • Business Policy
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA403
    • Financial Reporting
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA404
    • E-Commerce
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA405
    • Project Management
    • 4 Credits


    Fifth Semester
    • BTAE501
    • Automative Engineering
    • 4 Credits
    • BTAE502
    • Reliability Engineering
    • 4 Credits
    • BTAE503
    • Robotics and Automation
    • 4 Credits
    • BTAE504
    • Design of Automotive Element
    • 4 Credits
    • BTAE505
    • Finite Element Method and Analysis
    • 4 Credits
    • BTAE506 – I
    • A. Automotive Engine Design
    • 4 Credits
    • BTAE506 – II
    • B. Advanced Manufacturing Process
    • BTAE506 – III
    • C. Digital Signal Processing
    • BTAE507
    • Idsc-5 (Life Coping Skills)
    • 4 Credits
    • Disater Management
    • 4 Credits


    Sixth Semester
    • BBA601
    • Management Information System
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA602
    • Quality Management
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA603
    • Management Of Financial Institute
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA604
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • 4 Credits
    • BBA605
    • Project Report
    • 4 Credits


    Program Overview

    Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA in Distance Education is a three years professional undergraduate course in Business Management, the minimum eligibility for which is class 12th from a recognized educational board.

    BBA in Distance Education course equips you with the right knowledge and skills in business and management and impart knowledge of the principles which are perfect for a career in the corporate world. A degree in Business Administration solidifies your base for your future Business and management career goals. Successful graduates of this course can opt for a range of jobs from sectors like finance, marketing, sales, management, government and education.

    Financial Analyst, Business Development Executive, Project Manager (IT), Data Analyst, Human Resources (HR) Manager, Marketing Executive etc. are some such profiles which successful graduates interested in pursuing job can opt for.

    Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most sought after bachelor degree programs after class 12th. It includes complete knowledge of leadership and management. BBA degree allows candidates to enter into the field of management and teaches them various aspects that are necessary for effective business management. The course is designed in a way to train students effectively in management education and communication skills which further inculcates entrepreneurship skills. It also gives you a platform for pursuing courses like MBA. To do well in this field, students must possess leadership qualities, decisional making skills, good oral and written communication skills.

    The course methodology involves training through practical experience in the form of case studies, projects, presentations, industrial visits and interaction with experts from the industry. Hence, BBA graduates have an edge over other graduates and get direct entry into the corporate world.

    CAREER PROSPECTS : BBA in Distance Education

    After successful completion of Bachelor of Business Administration course, graduates can either opt for higher education or seek employment in different sectors. Generally, students pursue an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) course and specialize in a particular department or field of study. Masters or post-graduation in Management Studies, Human Resource Development Management, Financial Planning and Wealth Management etc. are considered to be good options. A combination of BBA and MBA is considered helpful in gaining constant promotions and high-salary job in the business world.

    BBA course opens up a spectrum of job opportunities in the fields of Advertising, Academic Institutes, Banking, Consultancies, Foreign Exchange, Hotel Management, Manufacturing Industry, IT and ITES, Urban infrastructure & real estate management and various Government services. Top recruiters for BBA graduates are Accenture, Genpact, TCS, HCL Technologies, International Business Machines (IBM) Corp to name a few. Some of the major job profiles associated with BBA degree are as follows:

    • Financial Analyst
    • Business Development Executive
    • Project Manager (IT)
    • Data Analyst
    • Human Resources (HR) Manager
    • Marketing Executive
    • Operations Team Leader
    • SAP Consultant