In childhood, we all dream that once we grow up, we will become this & that, but very few people become what they want to be. There are various reasons why we keep those dreams on the back burner thinking that we will achieve them later but then that later never comes and life goes. For some people the situation is the opposite, these people realise their dreams late in life and then just regret not taking a step towards it earlier in life.

To help people get out of their regret and procrastination situation, today we have something known as “Distance Education”. If you wanted to be a lawyer but seemed impossible to pursue it with your job and other priorities then now you have the way in front of you “ LL.B. DISTANCE EDUCATION”. But first, let’s see what exactly distance education is.

What is Distance Education?

Today with time, technology is getting more & more advanced. The role of technology is huge in every field and after the pandemic, the dependability of humans on technology has increased even more.

There are pros and cons both but certainly, the benefits are more. The involvement of technology in everything has made the world a small place where it’s easy to connect to whoever and whenever.

“Distance Education” is one of the benefits of technology through which we can fulfil our dreams without much struggle. And because of this, you can say at whichever point you are in your life you can still fulfill your dreams.

Distance education unlike traditional education, happens through the help of technology, where you don’t have to go to a specific place to attend your class, the class will reach you wherever you are.

Distance education, which is commonly referred to as online learning or distant learning, is a type of education in which teachers and students are physically apart and learn from each other through various technological means. This method makes education more flexible and accessible by allowing people to pursue it outside of a regular classroom.

Pursue an LLB along with your job

LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law) is a great option for your career. But if you are already working somewhere and want to study further but can’t leave your job, then it may seem a bit problematic to you but it’s not.

Though people even today believe that traditional education is the best medium to study. But, with time, changing environment and priorities, it’s hard to do things the same way we used to do earlier and it’s always better to choose smart work in front of hard work anyway.

Distance education is the only best option for you in this scenario. Well, it’s always smart to analyse anything before jumping into it so let’s analyse the pros and cons of pursuing LLB through distance learning along with your job.

Pros of Pursuing an LLB Along with Your Job Through Distance Education

  • Flexibility: Distance education is all about learning at your own pace. It gets tough for working professionals if their class timings and office hours are at the same hour. So keeping that in mind distance education can help to efficiently manage time, combining job duties and courses.
  • Maintaining Employment: Distance education allows people to study for their LLB while working. This guarantees a consistent income and work experience while pursuing other courses or legal degrees outside side by side.
  • Various Learning Resources: Distance education is not limited to books as it makes use of a variety of online resources, including multimedia and interactive platforms. This variety improves the learning experience by catering to various learning styles.
  • Real-World Application: Law is applicable everywhere. Professionals may instantly use legal ideas taught on the job. This practical application improves knowledge and gives a real-world perspective on legal subjects.
  • Accessibility: The best part of getting Distance education is the fact that geographical barriers are reduced since online education allows people to access LLB programmes from anywhere in the world, sitting in the comfort of your home, you can study.
  • Cost-Effective: Distance education programmes can feature cheaper tuition fees than traditional on-campus choices. Individuals can also save on transportation and lodging costs.
  • Networking Opportunities: Many distance education programmes offer forums, discussion boards, and virtual networking events, which enable working professionals to connect with colleagues, professors, and legal experts from various places.
  • Self-Paced Study: Distance education frequently enables self-paced study. Working people can complete the curriculum according to their schedule, at their convenience.

Cons of Pursuing an LLB Along with Your Job Through Distance Education

  • Time Management Challenges: This is the biggest challenge when managing between career, family, and legal education requires great time management abilities. If a set timetable is not followed, it might lead to procrastination and mess.
  • Technology Dependency: Distance education is strongly reliant on technology. Technical difficulties or insufficient access to high-speed internet might disrupt the learning process, creating backlogs and extra work


It’s a tough task to manage LLB along with a job but, it’s more tough to see yourself not fulfilling your dream. Life is too short to have regrets and procrastinate so better do it now than never. Through CIIS Institute get access to the best distance education LLB program. As in the journey of distance education the institute through which you are accessing your LLB matters. Choose CIIS to make your journey easy.