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    Program Structure

    First Semester
    • MAHSI101
    • Ancient and medieval societies
    • 4 Credits
    • MAHSI102
    • Modern world
    • 4 Credits
    • MAHSI103
    • Political structures in india
    • 4 Credits
    • MAHSI104
    • History of indian economy
    • 4 Credits


    Second Semester
    • MAHSI201
    • Historiography
    • 4 Credits
    • MAHSI202
    • 1) Western political thought
    • 4 Credits
    • MAHSI202
    • 2) Social and political thought in modern india
    • 4 Credits
    • MAHSI203
    • Evolution of social structures in india through the ages
    • 4 Credits
    • MAHSI204
    • History of ecology and environment : india
    • 4 Credits
    • MAHSI205
    • Indian national movement
    • 4 Credits
    • MAHSI206
    • Urbanization in india
    • 4 Credits


    Program Overview

    Master of Arts in History or MA History in Distance Education is a two year fully correspondence course offered by CIIS. MA History course is designed to communicate understanding of historical incidences and development as well as to convey skills of historical investigation and support the historical imagination. MA History course teaches students to inquire historically while making use of insights and interpretative methods of other areas, and it seeks to promote a spirit of decisive thinking about modern social questions. MA History is an attempt to supplement the basic knowledge of Ancient Indian Culture in all its parameters; this course provides a thorough understanding of various views of our history and civilization. It helps in encouraging the preservation and management of our heritage.

    Career after MA History

    History is the discovery, collection, organization and presentation of information about past events. History can also mean the period of time after writing was invented. The historians have recorded events of the past, either in writing or by passing an oral tradition and have attempted to answer historical questions through the study of written documents and oral accounts. The historians have also used such sources as monuments, inscriptions and pictures. The demand of experts having Master’s Degree in History is growing day by day.

    Top Professions for M.A History are:
    • Historian
    • History Professor
    • Archeologist
    • Civil service administrator
    • Information Officer
    • Research Analyst
    • Anthropologist
    • Archivist