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    Program Structure

    • MAPSY101
    • Cognitive psychology, learning and memory
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY102
    • Life span psychology
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY103
    • Personality: theories and assessment
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY104
    • Advanced social psychology
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY105
    • Research methods in psychology
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY106
    • Statistics in psychology
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY107
    • Practicals: experimental psychology and psychological testing
    • 8 Credits


    • MAPSY201
    • Psychopathology
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY202
    • Psychodiagnostics
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY203
    • Psychotherapeutic methods
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY204
    • Practicum in clinical psychology
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY205
    • Internship
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY206
    • Project
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY207
    • Counseling psychology
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY208
    • Assessment in counselling and guidance
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY209
    • Interventions in counseling
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY210
    • Practicum in counselling psychology
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY211
    • Internship
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY212
    • Project
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY213
    • Organisational behaviour (oby)
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY214
    • Human resource development (hrd)
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY215
    • Organisational development (od)
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY216
    • Practicum: industrial and organisational psychology
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY217
    • Internship
    • 8 Credits
    • MAPSY218
    • Project
    • 8 Credits


    Program Overview

    CIIS offers Masters in Psychology Distance learning program, a two years course which can be pursued completely through correspondence. MA Psychology programs are focused on the study of psychology as a discipline by thorough and comprehensive study of psychological subjects. Psychology can be defined as the study of human health and behaviour which is controlled by their mind. It covers areas like motivation and nature of mind, crisis management, mind processes, reactions, conflict resolution, group think and feelings. This course objective is to train the students and help them to identify emotional, behavioural and psychological issues as well as specific disorders. The students are educated and trained so that they can come up with specific treatment plan for each individual patient.

    Objective of Masters in Psychology Distance learning Program:

    The two years Master in Psychology Distance learning program offered by CIIS has been specially designed to meet the growing demand for experts from the field of psychology. Experts who specialise and deal in behavioural sciences, educational psychology, psychiatry, child psychology etc. The Psychology program aims to help students to study and understand the development of the human brain, the functioning of the human brain, behaviour and personality related topics etc.

    Eligibility for Masters in Psychology Distance learning Program:

    Graduates from any discipline can apply for the MA in Psychology program through distance learning.

    Careers in the field of Psychology

    Psychology can be termed as the science of behaviour and mental processes. The study of Psychology helps in understanding individuals and groups by determining general principles and studying particular cases. A Psychologist or Psychiatrist or Researcher tries to study and comprehend the roles of the psychological functions in individual and their social behaviour. They also try to understand and analyse the specific psychological and neurobiological processes which are responsible for certain functions and behaviours. Graduate and Post graduate students of Psychology take up therapeutic roles, or some of them teach and work in the academic field.

    Some of the major job profiles one can choose from, after successfully completing their MA in Psychology program are:
    • Teacher
    • Doctor
    • Counsellor
    • Clinical Psychologist
    • Career Advisor
    • Psychologist
    Scope of MA Psychology:

    Few of the major recruiting industries who pick up students from the MA Psychology program are:

    • Welfare organizations
    • Defence forces
    • Prisons
    • Clergy
    • Community mental health centres
    • Hospitals