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    Program Structure

    First Semester
    • MBAM101
    • Mgt. Process and perspectives
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM102
    • Organisational behaviour
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM103
    • Managerial economics
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM104
    • Management accounting
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM105
    • Quantitative techniques
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM106
    • Computer aided management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM107
    • Total quality management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM108
    • Business communication
    • 4 Credits


    Second Semester
    • MBAM201
    • Human resource management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM202
    • Marketing management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM203
    • Financial management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM204
    • Business laws
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM205
    • Research methodology
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM206
    • Production and operations mgt.
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM207
    • Economic environment of business
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM208
    • Business ethics
    • 4 Credits


    Third Semester
    • MBAM301
    • Advertising & sales promotion
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM302
    • Management of services
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM303
    • Marketing research
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM304
    • International business
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM305
    • International marketing
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM306
    • Consumer behaviour
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM307
    • Brand management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM308
    • Rural marketing
    • 4 Credits


    Fourth Semester
    • MBAM401
    • Management information systems
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM402
    • Logistics and supply chain mgt.
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM403
    • Management control systems
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM404
    • Strategic management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM405
    • Project management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM406
    • Entrepreneurship development
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM407
    • Corporate governance
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAM408
    • Master’s thesis
    • 4 Credits


    Program Overview

    Master of Business Administration or MBA Marketing in Distance Education is two year post-graduation degree in the world which is designed to develop skills in management and marketing business.

    If you are looking at a career in marketing management, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Marketing is considered as the ultimate word. An MBA marketing degree ensures that your career gets the right impetus for better job opportunities.

    Master of Business Administration or MBA Marketing in Distance Education from CIIS ensures that you can continue upgrading your skill set without worrying about attending regular classes. You can study at your own pace without compromising on quality education for the big stage in your professional career.

    Make the most of a long and successful career as a management professional by opting for CIIS’s MBA in Marketing Distance Education Course today.

    MBA Marketing in Distance Education is the pursuit of the innovative and traditional business methodology developed through collaborative teamwork, individualized self-discipline, and interaction with professors and the business world. The objective is to bring all these aspects together to become a socially responsible and innovative manager, ready to tackle immense issues experienced by companies with poise, knowledge, and for the benefit of the organization and customer service as a whole.

    MBA MARKETING: Who should pursue

    While an MBA in Marketing is open to anyone who wishes to pursue it, an MBA in Marketing is the best bet for people who are creative, have good communication skills and have an aptitude for human behaviour. A person who is interested in solving various challenges related to smooth business running should opt for this course. Apart from this, having great communication skills and ability to maintain healthy relationships will only act as a feather in the cap.

    MBA MARKETING: Career Prospects

    Human Civilization, since time immemorial, has practiced some form of Trade and Commerce. Present society is more economy driven than ever. In such scenarios, all companies require a skilful marketer hence increasing the demand for MBA in marketing graduates with a specialization in Marketing. With the rapid growth of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector in India, there is all the more demand for Management Graduates with a specialization in Marketing.

    An MBA Graduate with Specialization in Marketing can be assigned any of the following roles in an organization:

    • Marketing Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Area Sales Manager
    • Business Development Executive
    • Regional Sales Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Media Planning

    MBA Marketing Distance Education students are in high demand all over the country which is why many firms hire professionals who can work for them in a professional and efficient way. Some of the top recruiters are:

    • HDFC
    • Tata Consultancy Services
    • Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp
    • Accenture
    • IBM
    • BPO/KPO and many more sector.