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    Program Structure

    First Semester
    • MBAMM101
    • Mgt. Process and perspectives
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM102
    • Organisational behaviour
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM103
    • Managerial economics
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM104
    • Management accounting
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM105
    • Quantitative techniques
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM106
    • Computer aided management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM107
    • Total quality management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM108
    • Business communication
    • 4 Credits


    Second Semester
    • MBAMM201
    • Human resource management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM202
    • Marketing management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM203
    • Financial management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM204
    • Business laws
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM205
    • Research methodology
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM206
    • Production and operations mgt.
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM207
    • Economic environment of business
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM208
    • Business ethics
    • 4 Credits


    Third Semester
    • MBAMM301
    • Purchasing management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM302
    • Materials management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM303
    • Materials disposal management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM304
    • Transportation management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM305
    • Procurement management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM306
    • Stores management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM307
    • Negotiations & contract management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM308
    • Emerging issues in materials mgt.
    • 4 Credits


    Fourth Semester
    • MBAMM401
    • Management information systems
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM402
    • Logistics and supply chain mgt.
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM403
    • Management control systems
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM404
    • Strategic management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM405
    • Project management
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM406
    • Entrepreneurship development
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM407
    • Corporate governance
    • 4 Credits
    • MBAMM408
    • Master’s thesis
    • 4 Credits


    Program Overview

    Master of Business Administration or MBA Material Management in Distance Education is two year post-graduation degree in the world which is designed to develop skills in management and business.

    If you are looking at a career in material management, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Material Management is considered as the ultimate word. An MBA Material Management degree ensures that your career gets the right impetus for better job opportunities.

    A Master of Business Administration or MBA Material Management in Distance Education from CIIS ensures that you can continue upgrading your skill set without worrying about attending regular classes. You can study at your own pace without compromising on quality education for the big stage in your professional career.

    Make the most of a long and successful career as a management professional by opting for CIIS’s MBA Material Management in Distance Education Course today.

    MBA Material Management in Distance Education is the pursuit of the innovative and traditional business methodology developed through collaborative teamwork, individualized self-discipline, and interaction with professors and the business world. The objective is to bring all these aspects together to become a socially responsible and innovative manager, ready to tackle immense issues experienced by companies with poise, knowledge, and for the benefit of the organization and customer service as a whole.

    MBA MATERIAL MANAGEMENT: Who should pursue

    Whoever wishes to pursue MBA in Material Management must possess strong communication skills for effectively conveying purchasing information to vendors, staff, and executives. Good negotiation skills are important to settle upon reasonable terms of contract with suppliers. Basic math skills will help you compare prices and track budgetary goals.

    Candidates must possess great analytical skills to know when supply levels need to be replenished. Computer skills are essential since most companies have digitized their inventory. You should also have great problem-solving, team leadership, and organization skills if you wish to become an MBA in this field.


    Candidates pursuing MBA in Material Management as a career have a good scope ahead. Every organization depends on materials and services from other organizations. Thus, it is very important for the efficient management of materials in any organization. It adds to the profitability and repute of the organization. This is an industry where demand of skilled managers will never decrease with time.

    Most common sectors and jobs after MBA are as follows-

    • Materials Manager
    • Inventory Manager
    • Materials Supervisor
    • Purchase Officer
    • Senior Executive
    MBA MATERIAL MANAGEMENT IN DISTANCE EDUCATION: Top Recruiters or Top Employment Areas:
    • Corporate Houses
    • Public Transport
    • Defence
    • Educational Institutions
    • Railways
    • Private Transporters
    • Supply chain Industries
    • Airlines