Over the last few years, there has been a great change in the field of education. With the advent of technology, the world has become a smaller place, making communications easier and opening up education opportunities for all.

The internet has completely changed the world and our lives. This change can be seen in the different modes of learning as well. Distance education is the latest buzzword in the world of learning.

It has provided students with the opportunity to develop professional skills and competencies through online lectures and self-study.  Distance education has made learning available with the click of a mouse.

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What is the difference between distance education and regular education?

Let us try to understand the difference between regular and distance education by first understanding what you mean by both terms.

Distance Education

Distance education is a form of learning that doesn’t require the students to physically attend the classes. Classes are conducted either by sharing videos, modules and notes or by conducting online classes where teachers and students can have live interaction.

In distance education courses the exams are also conducted online. This allows students from one part of the world to enroll and participate in any courses being conducted in another part.

Distance education allows people from all walks of life to complete their education and pursue courses and develop skills they are keen on. One of the Great Advantage of distance learning is its affordable fees, student-oriented learning.

Regular Education System

Since the introduction of education, the regular education system has been the basis for education and learning across the world. Regular education involves the physical presence of students in classes.

Although the methods of teaching in the class may have developed and improved with the use of multimedia and technology, students pursuing the regular courses need to attend lectures and classes in person. They need to also appear for examinations personally. 

Distance Education vs. Regular Education

  • Classes:

In regular education, the classes are conducted regularly on a daily basis. In distance education, the colleges or universities hold classes either on weekends or in the evenings. This enables working professionals to pursue higher education and develop new skills by attending classes post their working hours. 

  • Examination:

The examinations under the regular education system have to be attempted offline as per the schedule fixed by the college or university.

Under distance education, the examinations may be offline or online and the students have an option to choose the time and date of examination as per their feasibility. 

  • Cost:

The cost of regular courses is much higher than distance education courses. Students with financial constraints can pursue higher education and complete a course of their liking by enrolling through distance education.

Under regular education, the students also have to spend on traveling to the college or university or staying in a hostel if away from home. All these costs are saved in distance education as the students don’t have to step out to complete their course, it can be completed from within the four walls of the house.

Need for Distance Education

Education provides knowledge about the world and the people around us. It helps us to develop skills to bring in change for the better. The introduction of distance education has brought flexibility to learning making it more accessible.

In the olden days, people chose a profession to earn their livelihood and carried it out for the rest of their lives. However, today the times are changing and there are situations when a person has to pursue two jobs at the same time.

Or manage two different professions simultaneously.  The changing times is requiring people to develop new skills in order to adapt to the socio-economic changes. To survive, people may need to keep upgrading themselves and keep adding new skills. 

Failing to upgrade themselves people will not be able to grow and move ahead. The world has changed enormously and no longer the same as shaped by the traditional education system. People need to come out of their comfort zone and change themselves, learn new things, adapt to new skills, etc.  

Distance education allows persons, who wish to pursue higher education but cannot attend regular college due to financial constraints or because they have to work to support their family, to complete their education and develop new skills. It gives everyone an opportunity to upgrade themselves and adapt to the growing changes in the world.

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