Time Flexibility

Time Flexibility –

Our flexible and functional programs can be completed from anywhere, any time. You have the option of opting Technical, Management, IT, Traditional, Teaching and Para Medical streams.

Affordable Fees and Flexible Payment Options

Affordable Fees and Flexible Payment Options –

Our fees are structured in such a way that you’ll be smiling all the way to your desired career goals. Online and flexible payment modes make your and your parents’ lives easier.

Individual Attention

Individual Attention –

In spite of being primarily an online/distance education provider, we understand your requirements for individual attention to clear doubts, and also the practical need of having weekend teaching/coaching programs for our students at our associated colleges.

Convenient Educational Methodology

Convenient Educational Methodology –

Unlike a traditional educational system, student doesn’t have to spend effort on travelling to and from colleges, attending daily classroom lectures, and such non-value added tasks.

You can plan your studies with our guidance, track your performance, and make instant online notes while going through online study material/ sessions.

The live faculty sessions are highly interactive and engaging. So you will not miss the human-interaction of a classroom environment. You will be in touch with your faculty and fellow learners, and you will stay engaged through webinars.

Convenient Examination Methodology

Convenient Examination Methodology –

As per the candidate’s convenience and timing, one can opt for various examination modes such as Online, Offline or Self Evaluation Project based examination.

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling –

Single point of contact will be given to resolve your university and course related queries. Our student counselor handles all student queries on exclusive basis


eSupport –

We provide dedicated individual student login and tech support to rapidly resolve your academic and technical queries related to online education platform and ensures smooth completion of your program.
Programs delivered on our own tech platform are intuitively designed to create a classroom-like virtual environment. The platform has been evolving for better performance and learning features over several years now.

Excellent Globally Recognized Curriculum

Excellent Globally Recognized Curriculum –

The learning methodology followed for each program is based on globally researched principles of effective learning in the online mode. These courses are designed and reviewed specially by industry experts providing participants with real-life situations. Most of our courses include unlimited telephonic support from subject matter experts (SMEs) for clearing doubts and answering subject related queries. Our certificate courses also include exclusive video case studies of leading corporate and business leaders.