University has three-tier system of Evaluation

  • Self Learning Material with in each unit of the SLMs
  • Continuous evaluation, mainly through Assignment Tutor Marked (TMAs) or Computer Marked (CMAs) for theory as well as practical of each course and Seminar/ Project/ Workshop / Training.
  • The Term End Examination for theory, practical & viva as per rules of the University

Marks Distribution and Minimum passing marks.

  • A candidate shall be declared passed in the examination, if he/she secures at least 40% marks in internal assignment and external examination separately and 50% marks in the aggregate including practical and project.
  • Candidate are required to passing Theory as well as in Practical subjects separately. A candidate who secures above 50% marks and below 60% marks will be awarded grade C and above 60% and below 75% marks grade B and above 75% marks Grade A in the Final Semester/Year.
  • No grace marks shall be awarded individually in Assignment, Practical and Project. The grace marks will be awarded only on aggregate marks of the Theory papers upto 1% maximum of two Papers. No Grace marks will be awarded in due papers.

Theory Examination (Term End Examination)

Each Theory Exam of each course (paper) is of 75 marks and minimum passing percentage is 40% or 30% marks.

Practical Examination (Term End Examination) (As per the Course)

Each Practical Exam of each year/semester is of 75 marks and minimum passing percentage is 40% or 30% marks.

The distribution of marks for Practical Examination is :

Written test based on Practical 25 Marks
Actual Laboratory Practical 25 Marks
Viva 25 Marks

Examination for the concerned course within the duration of the course plus two years from the date of his/her admission to the Ist semester of the course, failing which he will be deemed to be unfit for the concerned course.

* If a student fail in a subject(s), he/she will be given only 2 more chance to clear the subject.