Many students dream of holding an MBA degree and bagging a good job in one of the top companies in the country. But not everyone is lucky enough to live this dream and see it come true.

Many aspirants are unable to complete higher education or pursue post-graduation courses like MBA due to several reasons like lack of funds, unable to secure a seat in MBA colleges, discontinue studies to support their family by working, etc.

But nothing should stop someone from gaining an education. For students who are unable to enroll in full-time MBA programs, can pursue an MBA distance education program to fulfill their dream. But the question is that Is distance MBA worth it?

India is fast advancing in terms of educational technology, making distance learning in MBA the perfect option for students who are unable to attend regular classes of Full-time MBA courses.

MBA is one of the most popular master’s degrees for students across the globe. It is highly competitive with so many students aspiring to complete their MBA degree, hence raising an important question is distance MBA worth it?
Many students are unsure about distance learning and keep asking this question now and then.

To answer their doubts let’s get it straight, distance MBA programs have opened several opportunities for students wishing to continue their studies while working or wanting to earn a double postgraduate at the same time or wishing to complete the course from a university or college in a different country or city without having to travel.

Distance Education helps in saving a lot of time and money as compared to a regular full-time MBA course. Having an MBA degree helps get better job placements or promotions at work that one has been long waiting for.

Most companies prefer candidates with MBA degrees, hence distance MBA programs can help secure good jobs and higher salaries.

Is distance MBA worth it? What are the advantages of pursuing a distance MBA program?

  • Flexibility

Distance education allows one to manage their studies and classes as per their own convenience. Most universities or colleges offering Distance MBA have fixed batches for the classes.

Though the timings of the classes are fixed and take place as per a fixed schedule, one can reschedule any of the classes missed or get access to video lectures for the same. The complete study material for the course is available with the students, so they can go through it as time permits. Appearing for exams is also very flexible with distance MBA.

The students are offered choices of date, time and center, which they can choose as per their convenience. Students who cannot appear for examinations in a particular year or semester can appear for it later.

  • Time and Energy saving

Traveling to a college daily for attending classes is time-consuming and tiring. If a working professional is attending classes after work it can be too tiring and hectic to travel to college post-work and attend classes.

Many times the class timings may clash with the office timings, making it difficult to manage both. With distance MBA program students can access lectures any time of the day at their convenience without having to waste time traveling to the college. The time spent on traveling can be used for something more fruitful.

  • Technology friendly

If one has opted for a full-time MBA course they have to attend all classes regularly in the college. But with a distance MBA one can study online and access all the classes from the comfort of their homes thanks to technology. No need to spend on different books or study material.

The college offering the distance education course will provide all the reading material and online notes that are easily accessible. The use of modern technology like video classes, online notes, and online assessments has made distance MBA easy for students.

  • Study while you work

Many times students are forced to leave their studies or are unable to complete higher education as they have financial issues at home. They have to start working to support their families. One cannot pursue a full-time MBA course alongside working. However, with a distance MBA one can study while they work.

The classes are either held over the weekends or in the evenings after office hours. Many times classes are held online so students do not have to travel to attend classes. With distance education, working professionals can work during the weekdays and study on weekends.

  • Comparatively cheaper

Fees of full-time MBA programs are considerably high. Everyone may not be able to afford the high fees and costs involved. The high fees are one of the key reasons many aspiring students drop the idea of pursuing an MBA degree. The fees of distance MBA courses are comparatively lower, making the course affordable for most people.

The course content is very similar to the regular courses but the fees are a fraction of the full-time course fees.

Distance MBA from CIIS India

If you are looking to make a career in management, an MBA degree can be the stepping stone for you. An MBA degree will ensure you get good job opportunities and growth in your career.

Distance learning MBA from CIIS (Cognitive Institute of Interdisciplinary studies) ensures that you can continue upgrading your skillset or pursue higher studies without having to worry about attending regular classes. The course allows you to study at your own convenience without compromising on the quality of education.

Climb your ladder to success and reach new heights in your job by opting for CIIS’s MBA Distance Education Course today. An MBA degree can offer you unlimited career prospects in terms of opportunities and scope. MBA Distance Education students are in high demand all across the country.