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    Program Overview

    Master of Business Administration or MBA in Distance Education is two years post-graduation degree in the world which is designed to develop skills in management and business.

    If you are looking at a career in management, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is considered as the ultimate word. An MBA degree ensures that your career gets the right impetus for better job opportunities.

    A Master of Business Administration or MBA Distance Education from CIIS ensures that you can continue upgrading your skill set without worrying about attending regular classes. You can study at your own pace without compromising on quality education for the big stage in your professional career.

    Make the most of a long and successful career as a management professional by opting for CIIS’s MBA Distance Education Course today.

    MBA in Distance Education is the pursuit of the innovative and traditional business methodology developed through collaborative teamwork, individualized self-discipline, and interaction with professors and the business world. The objective is to bring all these aspects together to become a socially responsible and innovative manager, ready to tackle immense issues experienced by companies with poise, knowledge, and for the benefit of the organization and customer service as a whole.

    MBA : Who should pursue

    A person who is interested in solving various challenges related to smooth business running should opt for this course. This course requires a person who is skilled in managing a team and have the ability to take tough decisions in unfavourable situations. Hence a person who loves to take challenges while maintaining calm in tough environment are more likely to find solace in this course. Apart from this, having great communication skills and ability to maintain healthy relationships will only act as a feather in the cap.

    MBA : Career Prospects

    The career prospects of an MBA are unlimited in terms of opportunities and scope. A person has an option to be an HR, Head in departments like operations, marketing, sales, supply chain and much more. Since there are more than 40 different directions in which a person can build his/her career, it would be relevant to say that a person has the opportunity to be a manager at every department of an organization (depending upon his stream) irrespective of the type of organization (whether e-commerce or any other). Many young individuals also choose to become an entrepreneur to exercise their growing potential in the business world

    Most common sectors and jobs after MBA are as follows-

    • Product and Brand Managers – A Brand Manager’s responsibilities include coordinating and overseeing a variety of divisions of a corporation to ensure the efficient and timely flow of a product to the market.
    • Investment Banking – MBA in Finance grads are prone to this area of banking as it is a low risk and high rewarding industry who recommend companies to invest onto shares, bonds, portfolios etc.
    • Media & Entertainment – People interested in digital marketing can enjoy their positions in these industries as they are evergreen zones which flourish at all times in a year.
    • Real Estate – Real estate is another area where MBAs find their position as they manage buying, selling, leasing, and financing property.
    • Management Consultancy – A highly demanding yet rewarding job, a person will be expected to formulate original and realistic solutions to meet business needs. Management Consultants are expected to have strong analytical and interpersonal skills.

    MBA Distance Education students are in high demand all over the country which is why many firms hire professionals who can work for them in a professional and efficient way. Some of the top recruiters are:

    • Accenture
    • Cellular Companies
    • E-Commerce Companies
    • Flipkart
    • Amazon
    • TATA
    • IT Companies
    • Samsung
    • Hospitality & Tourism Industries
    • Manufacturing Industries
    • Banks
    • BPO / KPO
    • Multinational Companies and many more